Jumat, 21 Oktober 2016


You know, all the things that happened to us in this universe are connected to each other. Day by day, I believe it.
I met some people. Ive gone this far, Ive met some helpful people. Something that I never really thought before. And it came in the way I never expected before.
It's good. Yeah, its good. You lose some, you get some. And im so grateful about it. Im still learning. To see. To understand. To cooperate with this universe. Something that probably, in the future, Ill call it 'destiny'.
Who knows?
But universe is indeed amazing. You probably dont believe in God, but if you are also dont believe in the power of Universe...then I dont know what you are anymore.
So yeah. There's nothing such so far so good. Like what my friend (that I just met a week ago!) said : "your body will heal, your mind will heal. What done is done; what will happen, will happen. Forgive yourself."

Forgive yourself, is a powerful thing. At first I think, when a relationship's off, forgetting is the hardest part. But apparently, forgiving those, especially yourself, is way harder. If you meet someone attract you that much, forgetting is not a big deal. But then deep down you keep recall what have you done wrong in your past, what you shouldve done, what you shouldnt have done. Those kind of things are poison. And some people, keep that poison within themselves. So im still learning.

Few days ago, I met this guy. A puerto rican guy. The way I met him is just so unexpected, the universe conspired. He is, a natural healer. He taught about balance, and so on. The third time I met him, he suggest--well, he insist me to do some healing. I have no idea before, and ofcourse I rejected it. I dont like being scanned, or touched especially by a stranger. But then he said, "you carry a lot of your past in your body, and it affects your mental , do you know that?Dont be so stubborn." 

And by that, I fully surrender myself. One thing for sure, no explaination but I trust this guy. So yeah. The rest is history.
And again, universe conspired. In an amazing way make us realize that we're just tiny tiny little human.
I'm glad having a chance for this kind of things. 

Im still learning tho.
Im still learning.

After the process, my friend told me about human's aura and chakra. And I got mine. The one that is bigger and stronger than the others,

well, thats a simple research i found after he told me.
I dont believe in many things. But surely I do believe in nature and universe conspiracy. So now, I finally understand that everything in this universe is connected to each other. Sometimes, it comes up in a form of what we called coincidence.  

So yeah :)

Im still learning.

Im still learning.

Im still learning.


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