Sabtu, 03 Desember 2016



My love is vicious for you.
I’ve broken many hearts, including my own, because I refuse to settle for anything less than the exact shade of your soul.

It will be a color I can’t quite name, but somehow I’ll recognize it, like déjà vu has always been the story of how I’d find you.

It will be the color of falling asleep during a thunderstorm and waking up to the smell of firewood and sea salt.

It will be the color of the first days of spring, with my windows rolled down and adventure on the breeze.
It will be the color of hugging the people I love and hearing their voices after being away from them a while.

It will be the color of the backs of my eyelids, the one I see every time I blink and every time I dream; the one I will see eternally when my body fails and my soul leaves this earth.

So if I must, I’ll break their hearts and I’ll break mine. I will search until I finally come across the lovely hues of you.

And then I’ll paint my life with the shades of you so that the rest of the world might understand why you’re my favorite color.

— Z.M. , Letter #7 to you, wherever you are.

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