Kamis, 01 September 2016

My sweet little cousin

(Who is not so little anymore)

*arrived at home*
Me : "Eh evan, mbak Monic pulang yah besok."
Evan : *quiet for seconds*
Me : *teasing* "Oke deh. Byeee."
Evan : *still didnt say anything* *head held down*

about an hour later while he has been sleeping

Evan : *suddenly awaken* *go down to my bed under his bed* *whispered so so sooo softly* "Mbak monita janan pungang......"  *he said that and rubbed his eyes
Me : ........................


This is
The very first time
I knew that someone might be feel really sad when I'm no longer beside them. Because...well....who's willing to be awake in the middle of their sleep just to say "jangan pulang"........

At first I thought a three-year-old boy wouldnt understand and wouldnt give any shit to (such) farewell.
But well...he's all grown up.
He understands the meaning of "pulang" and "good bye" already.
And it makes me feel sad because I know it will be harder for me too -__________-

I didnt find any good in good byes though.
Maybe not even yet.


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