Senin, 01 Agustus 2016

Sleeping pills

I've got lots of bad things and bad days lately. If lately means since two years ago then yeah.
But this night from this two is another thing. You know, a little greet that popped up in a sudden from someone that matter and used to be to you is such a chill.
Half happy-half full of hate.
Happy to got em.
Hate to feel dizzy recently.
Panadol wont heal and im afraid to buy some xnx again. Feels like I need to ask kak rifka for this one.....
Have to say sorry to my parents cuz im constantly ruining my own body.


I hate to wait, but...thank you. For your existance this night. 

Like really...if I could make some record and send it to you then I will.

And hello, welcome back, dude.  Long time no talk like really.

P.s but dont worry Miss, no one could replace you though.
So far.

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