Senin, 03 Januari 2011

bandung day II

YEIYYY.. it is my second day in bandung. anyway, i do not dare for take a bath in the morning without using water heater. hehehee silly
yahh, i'm just eating kfc and padang's food there :( .btw, i love ayam pop hahahaha

these are the places i visit for that day

you know what is klappertaart? its like coconut cake (or something like that
)and have lots of flavour.

after that, i went to restaurant named SAGOO inside of paris van java mall. it was an unique restaurant with a traditional food recipe, and the restaurant sell the old foods too. haha, foods that we cant find anymore now.

this is the old food's booth hahaha
ah yaaaa, below is the 'old' foods hahaha

hahaha cuman sedikit dari yang bisa (iseng) gue foto tanpa di tegor satpam nya  hahaha
see yaaa :)

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