Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

goodbye, semarang

well, today, this afternoon, i'm going to jakarta. for my holiday, of course. actually it was my routinity, but i don't know how ,i'm feeling sad to leaving semarang . maybe because of someone out there.. i haven't say goodbye to him yet. our last farewell is so shitty! btw i never can say goodbye in the right way with him. damn again.
i'm looking at the scenery all around me. not special, it's just afternoon's sun lights reflected off the window's glass .. but it makes me think about him, about mr.randall...damn again!
okey, i have to prepare now. my plane will depart at 5 pm. i can't wait to go to the airport. something reminds me in that place hahaha.. bad memories
anyway, i've been listening to this song at the time i saw the sun light in the window..dont know why, this song sounds so sad hahaha oh imagination

damn again T.T

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